It was beautiful meeting you and Ady in Bali

It was beautiful meeting you and Ady in Bali Hello Rio,Hello to you my good friend. I really hope all is useful. Things are ok in america. Expect all your family members has been doing better. I’ll talk with your soon.A/UsaHi Rio aˆ“ thank you for the email. We were happy to have the wonderful artwork that Ady provided to all of us. It was truly valued. I’m good. Many thanks. I’m happy for some news away from you and Bali. This week, the elements in France was actually terrible. Super cloudy. I’m not sure chere will be the sunlight. Huu & Frank/L Hey Rio my buddy. exactly how are you performing?I’m okay. in australia, quite cooler but breathtaking location. its overcast and rainy here lately.I’m having a great time, surfing and seeking for an english school to enhance my english.wish you and your family tend to be all right and desire best for you personally dudes.Best regards from the brazilian friend. […]